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Refresh Dry Winter Skin

It’s getting colder and you’re cranking up the heat in your house.  You may be staying warm, but your skin is suffering. The dry heat from your system draws out the oils in your skin that lock in your moisture.  To keep skin hydrated we suggest: drink lots of water using a humidifier at night […]

Botox is not all about looking better!!!

Botox  has many clinical uses other than cosmetic . Used for severe muscle spasms. headaches and most recently for overactive bladders botulinum has offered relieve for many with the chronic conditions previously mentioned.   Each has been tested through clinical trials with resulting FDA approval. The dosage used for many of these treatments is larger than […]

Massage Benefits

When you hear the word massage you think of  relaxation and reduced pain.  Everyone knows these common benefits, but there are many more advantages of regular massages that go unnoticed. One’s health can be improved in many areas. Reduced anxiety and depression  from a less active stress hormone cortisol and increased levels of  serotonin and […]

Problems and Solutions: Eczema

Eczema is a group of chronic skin conditions marked by the inflammation and painful itching of the skin. Aestheticians recommend the widely acclaimed treatment of LED light therapy to stimulate skin’s naturally occurring metabolic function, decrease redness and degradation, and restore skin’s natural collagen production. However, a laser treatment is not always necessary, as there […]

The Benefits of Spinach

Say what you will about Popeye, but he did a lot to raise the profile a particular superfood. Spinach like many leafy greens contains more nutrients, calorie-for-calorie, than any other food. Case in point…. Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and betacarotene; minerals such as manganese, zinc and selenium are all powerful antioxidants that combat osteoporosis, atherosclerosis […]